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Get to know me!


I'm Violet, a mid-twenties full time Graduate student and part-time companion! I have been told that I am a warm and sensual person. It's true; I do take pleasure in making you feel comfortable and relaxed. My time with my amazing friends allows me to find joy in human nature and sensuality.


 I am based in Providence, travel frequently to Boston and a little less frequently to Connecticut, DC, and New York. I visit elsewhere when time allows or you bring me along. I am always eager for new experiences and opportunities to expand my horizons!


My hair is brunette with notes of copper and my eyes are a rich blend of green and hazel. I stand just under 5'4 in stockings, though I often prefer heels! 


In my few moments of quiet I enjoy curling up with a foreign film, intriguing television show, or new and exciting book accompanied by a delicious glass of wine. I have, during my time in the North East, enjoyed exploring the beautiful New England wilderness. While in New York and other major cities you will often find me at the ballet, an independent play or film, or striding though the corridors of an interesting museum. I am passionate about eating a healthy diet ensuring my skin and hair are always silky soft. I regularly exercise which helps me to be naturally energetic. I have often been told that my energy is quite calming. I am sure that you will walk away from our time together feeling satisfied, spent, and quite relaxed... and thinking about it for weeks after!



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